Wednesday, March 9, 2011

My Tags Came!!!

I finally got my tags in the mail!!! 

After 1 long month of LITERALLY counting down the days, I was definitely jumping for joy when they greeted my grinning face in the mail box.

(Please Excuse my non-manicured hands... I prefer the "labor" look.)

I am ecstatic just thinking that I am one step closer to becoming as established as I would like to be.

One month is a long time to wait for something to arrive.
Trust me.

Here is what I did in the mean time to keep myself busy....

Pieced my own rendition of the Boo Davis quilt "Hootenanny"

Boo Davis is one of my absolute favorite quilters, um.... basically EVER! I absolutely love her style and if you are interested in learning how to quilt, I highly recommend her book Dare to Be Square.
It is a GREAT book for starting quilters because the designs are friggin sweet, and very simple because they only use 90 degree angles (minus the one tiny beak).

If you want to quilt, and you want your quilts to be sweet, start with that book.

I also designed matching pillows...

In other news...

Spring semester of 2010, I took a class up at weber state called Text and Textile. 

It consisted of writing, and hand-dying fabric. Amazing right? Well, throughout this class I dyed a ton of fabric but couldn't ever figure out what to do with it. I kept it all, being too afraid to cut it up, knowing that I could never again duplicate that fabric. But, I just had to tell myself that it was just fabric and it would be much more enjoyable to look at if it was made into something. So, I started making my little bags with it. I took them to a boutique, and the professor from my class, Judy, saw my hand dyed bag and now wants to by at least 10 more!

I was so stoked to hear this, so I started getting all the supplies ready, but again, I couldn't finish them without including my tag. So, the day my tags got here...


Here are the first 10 in my hand dyed fabric set. 

I hope she enjoys them as much as I enjoyed making them. 


  1. Thank you so much Daniel! And Your paintings are beautiful!!