Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Oh Etsy...

I Finally Joined...

That's right. I am officially available to all my peeps.
Near and Far.
Etsy is a wonderful website.
I Love it already. So far, I have added a few items. 
I plan to add more VERY soon.
It is amazing what modern technology can 
help us accomplish.

Among being able to offer my handmade goodies all over the world,
I am also conquering the Wasatch Front. 

Yesterday, I spoke with Heather, 
from Liberation boutique, 
and needless to say,

We made plans to meet tomorrow (wednesday) where she will
pick some of my bags to sell in her shop.

For those of you familiar with the Utah area, her shop is located in Sandy on
1300 East across the street from Gold's Gym.
I am so looking forward to meeting her and showing her what I have to offer.

I cannot say enough how much I really love to sew and quilt. 
I have come so far and
I still have a long way to go. 
I love being able to create something beautiful and useful and
share with those around me.

I find inspiration in everything I see.

I am looking forward to sharing my goodies with local shops in my area and with
other artists across the world wide web.


  1. Congrats! It looks really cool and all the left links work me in firefox.

  2. That is so great! I am so happy that things are working so well. Good luck with everything!

  3. Thanks Melissa! I appreciate the support!

  4. NEW follower from http://familyfashionandfacts.blogspot.com/ I adore quilting.I have been dong t forever and LOVE free motion quilting! I actually just posted a few simple quilt on my plog that i just fnshed :)anyway, we have that in common! LOVE your stuff! t s GORGEOUS! Congrats on the new etsy shop!