Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Find me in Boutiques :)

I have recently expanded my horizons to a few boutiques around town.
The first one is a really super cute store in Kaysville called

They design AND print custom scrapbooking pages and they carry tons of supplies. Their shop also carries tons and tons AND TONS of very cute gifts like jewelry, magnets, purses and or course, my cosmetic bags! Here is the selection purchased:

If you live close, you should definitely check out this cute place!

The next boutique is in Ogden, and I absolutely love love love it.

They carry such cute clothing, jewelry, and Toms. I need to get a pair...
Here is the assortment there currently...

Anyway, if you'd like, take a chance and check out these adorable boutiques. I promise you'll find something you Love.

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