Saturday, October 27, 2012

Unforgiving Forehead-Slapper

So, I have a story that is bittersweet.

Everyday after work, I ride the train home.
This particular week, I have been carrying around my cosmetic bags, 
selling them to help fund my trip to Houston.

I have also been really immersed in a good book lately.

So after a long day of work, I drive to the train station,
board the train,
and plop down in the nearest unoccupied seat.

I usually catch the commuter train at 4:27 PM

Which is typically 95% occupied.

I have my purse on my lap, and I set down my big bag of cosmetic bags on the floor beside me.

I read my awesome book from Salt Lake City, 
through Woods Cross,
through Farmington,
through Layton,

Finally we arrive at Clearfield station. So, I put my book away,
threw my purse over my shoulder,

And I left the bags on the floor.

There were over 20 handmade cosmetic bags in there, some that I really really loved 
and had spent a quite a bit of time on.

Now, I hadn't even realized that I had forgotten them until the next morning.

Sometimes I can be so absent minded, it makes me insane.
I called Utah Transit Authority's lost and found,
and they hadn't seen anything.

I begged them to contact the train host that was on duty on the train I was on.
But, they didn't seem to think that would be helpful.
Don't ask me why they thought this, cause I couldn't tell you.

So I hung my head, and just faced the fact that I may never see them again.

And it was hard to be okay with that.
Which is stupid.

It's not like they had all this sentimental value, or made out of some extravagant material from some foreign royal country.

But I put a lot of time, thought, and love into each one.
I wanted to be able to sell them, to help pay for my trip to Houston.

I hope that maybe whoever found them will see my tag inside,

and return them.

And if they never get returned,
of course I will be sad for a little while.

But I have learned something so valuable through this whole absent minded experience.

Sometimes it's not about wanting something back, but about being okay with the fact that its gone. 

I have always been taught that when you have lost something, you can pray to Heavenly Father to help you find it.

But every time I thought about doing that, I felt like it was a silly thing to ask for.

There are so many things wrong in this world, people who are sick, struggling to make ends meet,

And here I would be, asking for some dumb temporal items back, so I can transform them into money.

I feel like everything we go through in this life is a lesson to learn.

I am so blessed with the things in life.
I can always make more bags, 
And I just hope that if I never see them again,
that wherever they are, they are in good hands, and hopefully brightening someone's life.

So, if you happen to have one of my bags, but didn't get it from me,
I hope you love it, I hope you use it, and I hope you share it.

And quite honestly, I am more curious to see where they end up
more than anything else.

If we have never met, send me an email. Lets be friends.

I love you all.

Be great to each other.


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  1. I hope someone emails you to return them -- there are still some great people in this world!

    See you soon?