Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Just Dance.

There is one thing I have learned about life today.

Life isn't about being the best dancer, its about getting on the dance floor.

As many of you know, my quilt got accepted into the  2011 Houston Quilt Show.

In the entry form, it stated that winners would be notified by the end of september.

As the months passed, I got ansy.
And I may or may not have emailed them to see if they had sent out winner notifications yet.

They had.

I have learned something really valuable from this. I obviously didn't place in this competition,
but you can bet your balls I was on the "dance floor" struttin' my best moves.

Life isn't about being the best dancer, its about getting on the dance floor.

It's ok to lose some. I am honored that my quilt got as far as it did. And I would like to think that it has opened a few doors for me. (or at least a small window.)

I created this wall hanging (above) to remind myself to Just Dance.
And I love that this is interchangeable.
Just paint.
Just draw.
Just sing.
Just write.
Or, in my case, Just Sew.

You will never be good at something if you don't DO IT.

There will be plenty of quilt shows in my lifetime. And I mean PLENTY.
And it isn't about winning anyway.
It's about proving to myself that I have something to contribute to the world.

Just _________.


  1. I love it! =)

  2. Oh my goodness!! That's beautiful. I LOVE IT! You're so talented.

  3. I WANT THIS!! it makes me think of lady gaga<3

  4. This is so pretty! You should have done more than just placed even!!!

  5. Thank you so much everyone. The support means the world!!!

  6. I agree with Anonymous (not me, lolz) you should have done more than just placed. I wonder what the winner was...probably something rather dull and/or boring...

  7. Awe! Thank you! Yeah, I am really anxious to see what the placed quilts look like. I have the privilege of going to the Houston show, so I will be sure to post PLENTY of pictures! I can't wait to go to the show!!!

  8. I totally wish I could do this. I have baby clothes from both my kids I want to make this type of quilt. Sadly I can't find any quilting classes in my area. It might be too ambitious to want to do this concept by hand and your quilt makes me think a machine might be better, though I would be new to that as well. I would completely love any feedback to get me started. Books or ideas welcome. I saw this and completely fell in love with your work. I hope my beginner status doesn't offend you. Thank you for your time!

  9. Shilo, Thank you so much! What area do you live in? I can help you look. Are you familiar with using a sewing machine? One REALLY GREAT book that helped me out a ton when I started quilting is a book by Boo Davis called Dare to be Square. And it is a ton of cute punk rock patterns that are all 90 degree angles. So it is very helpful. Yeah, I am definitely pro Machine Quilting, I just don't have enough patience to hand quilt. (if you are interested in purchasing a quilting machine, let me know, I've got 2 at the moment and one is listed for sale) And of course being a beginner doesn't offend me!! haha I was a beginner once too. It just takes time and practice. DONT GIVE UP. I promise the harder you work at it the better you will get! Keep it up and send me pics when you finish your cute quilt! :)

  10. I love it ,it says it all in just those two words!

  11. Wow I hope one day I can sew like this and it not look like a dog's mine do at present while I'm practising!
    Shilo Conn why don't you make a memory quilt out of your children's clothes, make each block out of a particular garment then when complete you can look at the blocks and remember how sweet they looked in those clothes!

  12. What a perfect mantra for the thousands of students at Indiana high schools and colleges who host dance marathons in support of the children receiving care at our state's only comprehensive children's hospital, Riley Hospital! Last year they "danced for those who can't" and raised more than $2 million.

    Beautiful quilt, you have my vote!!

  13. Don't forget "Just Inspire" That's what your story truly is about, right? You inspire us all to be creative no matter what? When people ask who I am making a quilt for, I say, "It's for me" :-)

  14. That is gorgeous! I don't know what the judges were thinking.

  15. Susan, that is so amazing!! Does that happen every year? I'd love to contribute in some way.

    Those of you who show up anonymous, I WANT TO KNOW YOU! Do you have blogs??